Transfagarashan – a magical road across the mountains

I will start the travelling category with a unique place located here where I live: in Romania. A beautiful and breath taking panorama situated at 2042 m altitude.

In order to reach this place you don’t have to be a trained mountain climber. Pack the bags, with a few friends, find a car and start the adventure. There is an actual road, a paved road that goes across the mountain peak from one side to another like a meander. Many tourists from all over the world come to see this place each year in the summer time. It is worth spending at least 3 days here and enjoying the sides.

It is called: Transfagarashan. It lies two historical romanian regions: Muntenia and Transilvania.

The road is not opened entirely to tourists all the year because of the bad weather and snow. This is reachable by car only in July – October period each year. At the top you will find the “Balea Lac” a lake inside the heart of the mountains with a splendid view over the Fagaras mountains – the highest mountain chain from Romania which is part of Meridional Carpatians mountains.

In winter time, basically between 1 november and 30 June the sector between km 104 (“Piscul Negru”) and 130 km (“cabana Balea Cascada”), is closed to road traffic and you can there only by cable car from “cabana Balea Cascada”. Near “Balea” Lake in the south -est there is another lake “Capra” to which one can get only following a mountain route.

Portion of the road closed in winter time


Glacial Lake "Capra" at 2230 m altitude

A view on the meander


Lake "Balea" at the top of "Transfagarashan" road - at 2000 m altitude





  1. Wow! That looks like an awesome place to visit. I hope my Jeep Wrangler can handle the wear and tear of those roads, but nevertheless it will be a dream come true if it ever gets to fruition.

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